1. Venue: Auditorium.
2. Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM.
3. There will be 2 rounds.
4. In the first round, the participants are allowed to choose their own song.
5. Participants have to sing along with karaoke or their own instruments.
6. The karaoke should be sent to 24thipsthevoice@gmail.com before 28th February.
7. The maximum time limit for 1st round is 3 Mins.
8. Only 10 participants will be selected for the 2nd round.
9. In the second round, the participants have to sing the song selected by the judges.
10. The maximum time limit for 2nd round is 2 minutes.
11. Three winners will get a chance to perform in the banquet.

List of participants selected for voice of Prosthodontics

Dr. Sneha Jaiswal
Reg No. 0328
Dr. Apoorva Shrestha
Reg No. 0075
Dr. Chander Uday
Reg No. 1237
Dr. Shachi Alsi
Reg No. 0704
Dr. Amit Patil
Reg No. 0362
Dr. Koustav Maity
Reg No. 1502
Dr. Pooja Natelkar
Reg No. 1388
Dr. Apurva Ramtekar
Reg No. 0611
Dr. Rakshitha Reddy
Reg No. 0515
Dr. Arpita Paul
Reg No. 1128
Dr. Prithvi Raj
Reg No. 1451
Dr. Krina Merchant
Reg No. 0895
Dr. Manvi Bhardwaj
Reg No. 1017
Dr. Abeer Wali
Reg No. 0618
Dr. Mukesh Sabat
Reg No. 0998
Dr. Sneha Kasireddy
Reg No. 0247